Rites and Rituals

As an ordained minister and an experienced spiritual teacher and practitioner, I can assist you in creating and hosting sacred ceremonies for many kinds of events and rituals in your life.






I can help you create the wedding of your dreams.

Your wedding vows are extremely personal. They're the special words that will marry you, and they represent your commitment to one another. This assortment of traditional and non-traditional, religious and secular wedding vows can get you started on finding the right ones for you. If you are getting married in a religious setting, check with me as I may have specific words that your chosen church mandates.  Otherwise, feel free to add your own embellishments, loving words, and inside jokes.  

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sacred ceremonies


Whether you are contemplating an initiation for a teen entering adulthood, commemorating a special event, honoring someone, or gathering support to make a major life change, the use of ritual and ceremony with honored guests lifts and deepens our experience.  Call to seek help for how you would like this time to reflect your most personal intentions.  

Services can be performed at your home, a spot in nature or public venues.  I use candles, crystals, floral arrangements, fabric, light and symbolic items.

"Thank you for outpouring of prayers, thoughts, love, and energy toward my family and me. (We) are bonding and we are so full of love for each other. We are as ONE." J. MC. Pebble Beach, CA

rites of passage


We can use a variety of psychological and spiritual processes or rituals of  your own choosing or we can design one for the occasion.  I am available to counsel and support you through this transition because I have also experienced many dramatic life changes and I feel confident that you can emerge a more complete person. I am also trained as a Hospice Chaplain.

"Dia is a marker in my life; a mark in time when I decided to invest in my soul and heal my mental, physical and spiritual wounds." - K. B., Carmel, CA