Metaphysical Ministry


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the science of mind

This spiritual path teaches that there is One Infinite Mind which of necessity includes all that is, whether it be the intelligence in man, an animal, or the invisible Presence, which is God. AFFIRMATIVE PRAYER  TREATMENT is our form of healing at the level of mind. 


spiritual counseling

I begin from the premise that you are essentially good, sinless and perfect in design. Whatever unloving messages you have received can be reinterpreted and brought to healing. I use the principle of forgiveness for re-establishing peace and unity between people who have come to feel separate and therefore fearful

sacred energy medicine

  • Eliminates blockages in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies
  • Releases stuck emotional energy from parents or former partners.
  • Modifies negative thought patterns. Clears energetic patterns that generate emotional discord and disease. Relieves and remove negative spiritual energy and blocks from your personal energy field and within your home
  • Identifies and heal core issues, ground energy fields

crystal triangle lightbody activation

This technique provides a tool for your personal ascension. The ritual raises the vibrational level of the body’s energy system through clearing blockages and increasing the light present in the cells to the 5th, 6th, and 7th dimension and reconnecting the missing 10 strands of DNA for achieving mastery.



Master’s Degree in Religious Studies - Emerson Institute, Oakhurst,  CA - 2009

Doctorate Degree in Religious Studies - Emerson Institute, Oakhurst,  CA - 2010

Licensed Religious Science Practitioner - Pacific Coast Theological Seminary. Pacific Grove, CA - 2009

Ordained Religious Science Minister - Pacific Coast Theological Seminary, Pacific Grove, CA - 2010


Association for New Thought Network

Center for Spiritual Awakening, Pacific Grove, CA 2009 - staff minister & instructor

Emerson Institute, Oakhurst,  CA 2009- credentialed instructor



Created and taught “Your Body as a Temple of the Divine” 10-week course (Doctoral Thesis) 2010 - P.C.C.

A Course in Miracles. C.S.A.  2011 -2014  Salinas, CA. 2015- 2016

Co-created 10-week class “Spirituality for a New World”  for C.S.A

Developed 10-week  “World Religions” class

Sacred Energy Medicine Clinic – Monterey, CA - 2004               

rituals and rites of passage

Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, Celebrations of life and all types transition and initiation events.