Holistic Healing

The overall intent of my healing arts practice is to provide sessions of healing that individually or together bring a person back to a feeling of balance (equilibrium) and wholeness (holistic) so you operate your life in greater health. The central feature is the energetic core of light that animates your nervous system, illuminating the body systems, increasing light vibration to the entire organism - you. May you live in peace and love.

 I invested the majority of my career focus in Structural Integration bodywork, from 1977 until 2017. When I work with people’s physical bodies, my overall intention is to educate, counsel and use light and Chi / Life-Force energy to help my clients feel clear, balanced, centered, connected, uplifted and free. 

 I have taught classes and led groups since 1981 in subjects related to body healing, energy channeling, consciousness raising, also rebirthing and spiritual realization. I have had many profound teachers and I love sharing useful ideas and tools for the variety of needs I encounter with my clients, students, associates, family and friends.

 I bring a very well rounded, practical, grounded and high-minded presence to my practice, regardless of which modality I may be using. All of my sessions are dedicated to bringing forth the highest good for all concerned.

An initial consultation and health history is taken to determine what area of body/mind/emotions or energy field distortion needs to be addressed first.

 After an initial session it will become much more clear what is needed to create a short or longer term program  of healing.

Typically single sessions give an introductory sample of what is possible, with a series of 6-10 being optimal to enter into depth healing.

Follow-up or maintenance work is often chosen, but this approach is not designed to foster dependence on therapy for life. My goal is your ultimate liberation on all levels.

 I can create a Holistic Healing program for a person desiring long-term healing on multiple levels.

 All sessions may be done as an individual, or in mixed modalities.


A safe process for entering non-ordinary states of consciousness (regression therapy for rebirthing). We use deep breathing, evocative music and mandala drawing in 4 hr. sessions for individuals and partners. Facilitation for special groups by invitation. Certified facilitator 1991. Dr. Stanislav Grof. “Assn. For Holotropic Breathwork Int’l”. Marin, CA.


A specific method of applying Qi energy directed by the QiGong doctor (practitioner) to a client.  Usually lying or sitting. All energetic organ imbalances and most medical symptoms can be treated successfully using life force energy to purge, balance and strengthen your system. Masters of Medical QiGong 2001 “International Institute of Medical Qigong” Jerry Johnson DMQ, Pacific Grove, CA.


This non-invasive holistic diagnostic method uses light and magnification to see body parts and systems reflexively charted in the iris of your eyes. Indicates acute, chronic and degenerative tissues before they become diseases.  Training by Dr. Bernard Jensen (father of Iridology in America).