Deep Tissue Massage

In 1988 I developed a 10-week 40 hr. course for massage students in Maui Academy of Healing Arts in Hawaii.  I continued to teach from my manual, with session photos and slides until 1993 when I moved to Colorado.  

After founding Center of Balance in Carbondale, CO.  I continued teaching Deep Tissue Massage, including Anatomy, to small groups, not through an official massage school.

I was brought back to M.A.H.A on Maui, Hawaii to develop and teach a course in Myofascial Release based on the Dr. John Barnes method.  This soft tissue mobilization modality had just become insurance reimbursable, so students wanted the knowledge.  I continued to integrate Myofascial Release into my Deep Tissue Massage trainings.

 When I moved to California in 1997 I was employed by Monterey Institute of Touch in Carmel Valley to teach Deep Tissue Massage and Movement.  Within a year I had also come the instructor for Anatomy and Physiology for their basic massage classes.  

By 1998 I was also traveling to Marin County to teach weekend classes in Anatomy and Deep Tissue Massage for Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing, which continued until 2008.

I have trained hundreds of students, many of whom have become very proficient in "Deep Tissue" using their understanding of standing structural evaluation to better serve their clients.  They earn a higher income doing this advanced modality in spas and private practice. 


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