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Dia In Her Own Words...

From a lifetime of dedication to uplifting the consciousness of human beings, I am trustworthy. I have gathered a great deal of wisdom, experience, and compassion during my many years working with individuals.  I am known for being broad minded, tolerant and flexible. I am also grounded, stable, practical, and maintain healthy personal and professional boundaries in my dealings with others. My reputation for high integrity in business and private practices makes me safe with your innermost concerns.

The overall intent of my Holistic Healing practice is to provide sessions that individually or together bring a person back to a feeling of balance (equilibrium) and wholeness (holistic) so you operate your life in greater health. The central feature is the energetic core of light that animates your nervous system, illuminating the body systems, increasing light vibration to the entire organism - you. Balancing your body in gravity so your movement is more fluid and flexible and stable are byproducts of central core alignment. I am here to help you live more fully in health, balance and peace of mind.

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